Tether a Black Berry 8830 via BlueTooth to MAC OS X

1.) Pair the phone with your Mac via Bluetooth using the Bluetooth Setup Assistant (this is the easiest way)

2.) After pairing, be sure to check the box that says “Access the internet with your phone’s data connection”

3.) For verizon this is the information you enter as the username, password and phone number:

Phone number: #777
Username: [your phone#]@vzw3g.com
Password: vzw

*** For other carriers use the following information ***

Phone Number: *99#
Password: CINGULAR1

Phone Number: *99#
Username: [blank]
Password: [blank]

Phone Number: #777
Username: [blank]
Password: [blank]

4.) For the modem script make sure you set it to “WWAN Support”

5.) Click continue

6.) Your all finished! Just click on connect and it will dial out and make the connection for you. BTW your speeds are around 250 – 300k (real speed) for the connection.

When your connected your phone should say “modem active” at the top. By the way make sure you have a data plan otherwise it will not connect and in the “odd” event that it does, you will pay out the nose in data charges. Oh yeah calls can still come in while your connected but they terminate your connection if you answer the phone.