Ramen Egg Sandwiches


3 eggs per sandwich

1 ramen packet per sandwich

butter for frying pan

BACON, cheese, and other toppings


1 – Bring water to boil with the flavor packet from the Ramen.
2 – Bring a frying pan to medium heat.
3 – Put the noodles in the boiling water for 10-15 seconds until you can open the noodles.
4 – Butter the pan, and put the noodles opened up onto the pan.
5 – Crack three eggs over the noodles and break the yolks.
6 – When the bottom side has cooked, flip the ramen over.
7 – Add your bacon, ham, whatever to the Ramen
8 – Close the ramen noodles again in half.
9 – Flip it over, and let it finish cooking.
10 – Enjoy!