• You Snooze, You Lose..

    “The first thing you do is the most important thing you do, because it sets the tone for the rest of the day.” While reading “10 Uncommon Habits of Extraordinarily Productive People” yesterday, I came across that quote.  It was nothing that I hadn’t heard before, but while reflecting on the rough week I was …

  • Eagar Trek 2014 Kids

    I didn’t realize it would be this hard to return to life, and get on with my life after the Trek.  I really do miss my family, and hope they are all doing well.  The best of McBride Shamrock luck to all of them.  While wallowing in my sadness this morning, I started writing in …

  • Summer Sunsets are nice..

  • Selfie of a Selfie – RVHS Graduation 2014

    During the graduation party I gave a prize for the best selfie.  I ended up getting a selfie of some girls taking a selfie with me.  Selfiception..