Seperation of Church and State?

So I found myself in my Management Dynamics class where all the exams were recently moved to internet. Last week about 7 of us showed up for class, and this week was even a tad different than that. I got to the school a half hour early and got into my homework that I needed to get done, and before I knew it the music I was listening to and my homework had lulled me to 1:30. Realizing that I was still the only one in the class it became slightly awkward when my Professor entered the room. She looked at me and just laughed. I really enjoy her teaching style, and figured since I had a class to come down for anyway that I might as well just go to all my classes for the review. (Also if i remove myself from my home and other distractions I am more apt to actually do my homework… hehe) We took the next hour of so just informally talking about the chapter and then she gave me the test verbally. Turned out well as I’ve become closer to the “A” / “B” line that i’d like to be. After the formal class came to an end, I made a joke about being Mormon (which she had known from a previous class). She then began to ask me questions, and for the first time in about a year I had actively engaged in a Gospel discussion outside of everything else that had been initiated all because of just me doing my thing. It felt really good being able to just talk about the Church normally without any stress or worries.