Wilderness Survival

Friday night and there are few places that i’d rather be than in the middle of the desert with my boy scouts. we are working on the wilderness survival meritbadge and that has required that all the kids essentially make forts and sleep in them. as I was working on I amanda called and I told her I couldn’t talk because I was making a fort. she laughed at me and for the first moment I realized I was truly enjoying the time out here with the scouts. they are a random bjnch of kids but together they are a good time. to end the night we all sat around a camp fire and listened to stories about not being alone in the world. at the end of that meeting all 100 of us knelt down and prayed in the middle of this desert. really humbling and it gave me a sense of the sacred. it has made the whole time worth while. hopefully ill wake up tomorrow with out a migrane so I can enjoy the rest of the activity.