Skype | Video Conference for the rest of us


My earlier post about the Microsoft LifeCam was based around us setting my Great-Aunt up with Skype so she could see and talk more with her family.  Tonight while waiting for mom to come home, we Skyped Gwen.  While I helped Gwen type her Christmas Card over LogMeIn Rustyn chatted with her.  I think he had fun, what do you think?

It should go without saying, but for those unfamiliar with Skype, it is a great solution to being able to getting to see them and share memories.  They offer high-quality video one-to-one video chatting.  The newest release of Skype also allow for group chat between multiple people.  This is to be a premium service that will be charged after the 28 day trial.

My brother-in-law was living in Connecticut when we bought home, and they’ve never been here. They did get a tour as my wife told them all about it while I walked around with my laptop. Check out our LifeCam writeup, it would make a good Christmas present.