McBride’s Guacamole

Pretty much this recipe is never the same but it always ends up tasting very good. Modify the amount of Cottage Cheese, Salsa, and Lemon Juice to suit the taste of your guests.

3 x Avocados (More or less depending on the number of people it’s feeding)
Cottage Cheese
Lemon Juice
Salsa (We like Herdez the best)

– Peel the Avocados
– Mash the avocados, but leave the pits in with everything (don’t mash those) – It helps keep the flavor good, and the avocados green
– Add cottage cheese so you have a light green mixture
– Add Lemon juice (start with 1 TBLS and then add if desired)
– Add Salsa until you like the spice & taste