Valley of the Sun

Another trip, another week. Here we are in Tempe right now, half way through our trip. We took advantage of the opportunity to sleep in this morning, and it has felt great. We drove down on Thursday as soon as i left for work. I met Amanda in Show Low where she interviewed for a job at Summit Health Care. They offered her a job as a HUS in MED SERG. For those people who’s wives aren’t in the medical field and either are you (i’m learning tons when we study and she tells me about her day), she will be a Health Unit Secretary for a part of the hospital that does Med Serg as well a Telemetry.

Yesterday we got up very early and headed for ASU to see Ceri’s graduation. They filled Wells Fargo Arena with students, teachers, and family. After we saw and screamed for Ceri we headed up to Sun City to visit Sue and the others @ COL. It has been a while since i’d been there, and had some cleaning up to do on their network. Everything seems to be running smoothly now, and we were able to just miss rush hour as we crossed the city one more time. Back to Azstar we said hi to everyone, and on the way in I told Amanda that i’d bet her 5 bucks that they would ask me to do something for them. Sure enough we are going over to the Heath’s for lunch today to unpack, install, and work on their new computer. I hope its Carne Asada!!!

After Azstar we went to the apartment and paid it off completely. That’s is such a huge weight off our shoulders. We ended up at Red Robin with Clancey and his Girly Friend. After the steak fry goodness that we hadn’t had for like 5 months we went and watched IronMan!!! Totally worth it! Getting home at midnight we crashed out for another big day.

We woke up Saturday and headed to the Temple. I didn’t realize how much i missed that place until then. We had a great session, and then headed over to the Heaths for lunch and computer time. That’s where i am now as i watch the computer update itself. Oh the joys of being the Keyboard Cowboy.