Rustyn at his best!!

Rustyn is becoming so much fun! He makes me laugh every day and I need to start writing these things down before I forget them. First he is trying to run! This is pretty comical. He tries so hard and falls a lot! He is definatly a boy banging into everything with his head, but not much will slow this boy down. He dropped a 5lb weight on his big toe and cried for a minute and has been fine since then. I am thinking he is going to loose his toenail. He saw me writing today and deciced he needed to try. He grabbed the pen with his left hand and started drawing on the paper. I tried to put him down and he got upset so I gave him his own pen and paper and he was loving it! He kept switching the pen from right to left seeing what was more comfortable for him… He ended up liking his left hand better I think.