April Winds brings May More Wind

A very fast week this week as we’ve been getting ready to go to Colorado for Sam & Jill’s farewell BBQ in Fruita. They are moving east for Jill’s school. I am excited to go, but oh how much i do not like long drives. The wind is blowing like there’s no tomorrow (which is normal for this time of the year), and it makes everything way too much fun. I have picked up a couple new customers here in RV and it has made the side business very nice as of late. I hope things continue on in this direction, but i hope i can balance it with work and still have some down time to be with Amanda. Next weekend should be just as crazy as we are going to phoenix to see Ceri Gough’s graduation and Dallin Harris’ wedding. He asked me to DJ it so we figured it’d be a good time to get away. All in time to try and get back for Mother’s Day that Sunday. Never rest for us!