Apache County Fair Weekend

The County Fair is always fun to go to, but much less fun now that the Horse Races don’t come to St. Johns any more. Mylea showed her goats Ryan and Agnus on Thursday, the first day of the fair, and Rustyn found the train. He and Mylea rode it over, and over again. We had our curly fries, snowcones, and other fair food goodness until 4pm when the carnival opened. Rustyn got his wristband and it was all over. He ran from ride to ride and went down the slide about 20 times. Emily, Dustin, Ty, and Jax showed up as well and everyone had some fun until the rain came. Saturday Mylea sold her goat Ryan for 410 dollars, and was very excited. We took some videos and you can check them out below. On the way home Rustyn crashed hard, and there was even a beautiful sunset to end the weekend.