Books | The Maze Runner Trilogy

Post-war craziness. new disease taking over humanity, possibly evil corporation trying to rid the world of the “Flare”.  Who would possibly be able to save the world’s population?  A bunch of kids of course.  The Maze Runner Trilogy follows a group of kids that have been tasked with saving the world.

The story didn’t exactly hook me, but it was enough for me to want to see it through to the end.  They kids used their own version of vulgarities that ended up getting rather annoying about midway through the first book.  Had they been the real words I think it would have been a major turn off to the series, but the removal from our vernacular made it bearable enough to finish.   The third book, “Death Cure” just came out so go ahead and have at the series.  I have such a hard time waiting after I’ve started reading, so having it out in it’s entirety surely helped.