William Wyatt McBride

McBaby3 is William Wyatt McBride.  Born 1728 (5:28pm) on March 5th, 2013.  He is 19.25 inches long and 7 pounds 1 ounce.

UPDATE: Mom and Baby are doing well.  They are getting some good nourishment, and getting us ready to head home.  We hope to be home this evening.

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Hulen Jackson Rogers

Download the Funeral Program Here


Hulen Jackson Rogers, a native of Nutrioso, left this life at the age of 79 on February 13th, 2013. He was born on September 9th, 1933 in Nutrioso, Arizona.

Hulen enjoyed bird watching, traveling, playing and listening to music, logging and the forest.  His passion was riding, watching, and following professional cutting horses.

Hulen is survived by his Sister Lenore, and her children Darlene Adams, Janiece Le Baron, Tommy Brewer, Roger Brewer, Stacy Brewer and Barbara LeComte.  He was preceded in death by his parents Thomas Jackson Rogers, Ruby Wilkins Rogers, his brother Thomas Marlen Rogers, and his niece Nancy Greer. He is also survived by nine other nieces and nephews, 37 great nieces and nephews, and five great-great nieces and nephews.

The family would like to thank the Webb’s Assisted Living Home and Hospice for the gentle care provided to Hulen in the last few months of his life.

His funeral services were February 16th, 2013 at the Springerville LDS Chapel.  He was laid to rest in Nutrioso near his parents.

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RVUSD Budget Override – Why I Voted YES

Since everyone is getting super excited about voting, I decided to quickly state why I’m voting YES for the RVUSD Budget Override.  I feel there are many things that we can and should cut back on in this life.  I often refer to these things are “First World Problems”.  Deciding whether to get leather in your new vehicle,  how many channels you need on your television, or any of a myriad of decisions we make on a day-to-day basis that could be considered fringe benefits that come from living in the country and the community that we do.  I do not mean to make fun of these decisions as I love technology and there is leather in our family car.  The point I wish to make is that we make many, many decisions through out the year that impact our checkbook, but some should be prioritized over others.

If I had to make the decision whether to have Dish Network or to help ensure that my children’s education will be one like I had then we would be removing that lovely antenna from our roof.  Luckily, I do not have to make that decision.  A very large portion of the reason I am able to vote YES for the budget override and keep my lovely HD channels of goodness is because of the education that I received from the Round Valley Unified School District.  I know a very large part of my desire for post-secondary education and career choice came from the educators and mentors in which I owe a debt of gratitude.  Barry Williams is one of these individuals whom is running for Apache County School’s Superintendent in this same election.

We need to empower these educators in any way possible to help our children build a solid foundation in education before they leave High School to pursue their own endeavors.  One of the many ways we can empower these people is financially.  The ballot states that the override money would be used “such that additional money will be available for local education”  This money is for the children of this community.

There are many reasons individuals have told me they will not be voting for the override.  One of which is personal malice against some individual in the school system for a decision or decisions they have made.  Don’t let a personal offense you have be the reason a child doesn’t get every opportunity they need while growing up in this school system.  I don’t agree with every decision made by school administrators, but regardless of how I feel about someone I still want my children to have the best chances.

Bottom line, the generation before you paid for your education and it falls upon us to ensure the future of our community, our country, and our way of life.  I cannot think of many other causes I find more worthy of my money, and like any father I desire my children to achieve so much more than I have.  In order for them to do that, we have to build a foundation for them to stand on.

* There is also the Arizona State Tax Credit where you can direct money to a school, class, club, or sport.  I encourage you to look into this if you have not done so in the past.  You get the money directly back on your State Tax Return, and if you itemize it will benefit your Federal side as well.  Click here to get the form or visit the District Office to learn more about it.

Conference Weekend Wood Haul

The first weekend of October has leaves changing, and the weather cooling.  It is also when General Conference is broadcast.  Growing up I have many memories of going wood hauling and listening to Conference over the radio when the chain saws were not running.  We decided to head up with the Shupes and get a few truck loads of wood.  We all had a good time, and are all sore this morning.  Guess that means we need  to be doing it more. 🙂

Favorite Filtered Fotos

We don’t pack our DSLR around near as much as we did before we both had iPhones.  I really enjoy using Camera+ to color correct and filter the pictures we do take on our phones, and also use the Camera Connector to edit our DLSR photos from the iPad when we are travelling. Here are some of our favorite pictures that have been filtered with Camera+ (which is currently $.99 at the App Store, and just got iPad support to utilize the screen size of the tablet. They are separate apps, but worth paying twice!)