Organizing Begins

Our bed was covered with all of our clothes and everything else you can imagine. We are happy to be able to be living with Aunt Gwen. We hope that we can get settled in and start our new life here.

The Moving Extravaganza

What a weekend. That is all I can say!! Mom and Dad McBride came down to the valley to help us pack up and move up to Round Valley. That night Wes and Dickie went up to north Phoenix to pick up our new 18 foot trailer. They didn’t get back to the apartment until like 11:30 that night. We all crashed just to wake up the next morning and get crazy packing and loading the trailer. We were done by about 1:30ish, after which Wes and I went and helped Clancey move also. After all of the moving was done it was time to relax a bit. Clancey and Mylea went and watched a movie, while Wes and I took his parents to Ichiban for dinner. It is a hibachi grill and we thought they would enjoy the entertainment. We made it though that day, but all of the work was just beginning. We made the trip up to Round Valley, which wasn’t bad. We went to our new storage unit and unloaded all of the stuff we wouldn’t be needing for a while and took the rest to Aunt Gwen’s. This is when the real work began. We had to clean out the room we were going to stay in and the guest bedroom as well. With the whole family this didn’t take to much time but it was a lot of work thats for sure. Everyone went home for the evening to leave Wes and I to unpack and get organized. Now the adventure begins!!!


I just wanted to update our blog. These past two weeks have probably been the longest two weeks of our marriage. A couple of postings ago we mentioned that Wes didn’t get that job at TEP and we were pretty bummed out about. We had moved on in our life, registering for another semester for school, we even signed a year lease on a 2 bedroom apartment. We had set goals for this next year and we were going to kick butt!! Last Wednesday, December 5th, I was working as a CNA at the hospital. It was a very busy day and Wes showed up. He seemed like he really wanted to talk but I was to busy to just sit for a moment and talk to him. I had him sit down and wait, but before I left he said, “TEP called… and offered me that job.” What the heck!! I had to go and do something before I could talk. My mind was spinning, as was his. This is what we had wanted and now it is here for us to take or say maybe next time… Ya right.. we totally took the job and are very excited to be moving to Springerville. We have spent most of our time trying to get out of our lease and figuring out where we are going to be living and all that jazz. We are now a week away from moving from our life here in Mesa. We are sad to have to leave all of our great friends that we have made, and the great jobs that we are a part of. We know that there is something great for us in Round Valley and are looking forward to starting our life and family there.

Until next time…hopefully with pictures:)

Moving in the Rain

We got back from Colorado on Sunday, November 25, knowing that this week was going to be busy moving. We had signed another lease at our apartment complex, but for a two bedroom. Monday I started packing when I got home from work. Planning on moving everything over on Tuesday and Wednesday. Wes got sick unexpectedly and was unable to help me move things over for a couple of days. That really set us back, but we are troopers and did what we could. We planned to move all of the furniture on Friday the 30th, yep the last day of the month. We had to be completely out of our old place by the end of that day. Half way through the morning it started raining. We had no choice but to move in the rain. Wes had John and Camden come over to help. Camden was going to bring his truck. Wes couldn’t get a hold of Camden and wasn’t sure if he remembered or what was going on. So when John showed up we had to start moving everything we could. We got a few things over to the new place when Camden showed up. We were so happy to see him come with the truck. It made it so much easier and faster to finish up. We were able to finish in a little less than two hours. By the time we were done we were all soaked and exhausted. We are thankful for wonderful friends that are willing to come and help us out in a time like that. We are now all moved in and making our new place feel more like home. Thanks to John and Camden for all the help!!

School, Sickness, and Stuff

I did it… Again it’s over and a month break is ahead. It will be a breathe of fresh air as the next year will prove to be trying. I have made a goal for my family that I will be done with school in a year. We just finished our presentation and i’m just here enjoying the rest that i’ve been waiting for in this very chair. Things are going quite well despite the fact that i’ve been sick for the last 3 days. I seriously can’t remember much of this week, and haven’t been able to think straight the majority of the time. I hope that i haven’t missed too much of my life, and i know that my clients at worked have missed me. Amanda was great in taking care of me and I love her even more. We had a goal of moving this week that must be done by tomorrow, and she’s done so well at moving the majority of everything little by little. Hopefully tonight since i am able to function somewhat i’ll be able to help finish up everything but the large stuff that we’ll move tomorrow after work with Camden and Atley.

Roadtrip to Fruita

we’re on our way to celebrate our first thanksgiving together. Almost knowing each other a year has us talking about many things, one of them being the fact that we are starting traditions that we will carry on with our fmaily in the future. The “baby candle” episdoe looms and brings much insight to the decisions that we are making. As we drive up 191 toward Moab right now i figured i’d take the chance to post this now that we are out of reservation land with no data service. Yesterday was very crazy and had me running around like a mad man. Amidst all that i found myself in the office of my academic advisor to find out if the goal of finishing my bachelors degree in a year is concievable. After 2 hours we deduced that in fact it would be if i would dedicate myself to it. Right after getting back i signed on our new apartment (pics coming i’m sure), and ran home to pack. Amanda met me there and we got packed, talked to my bro for a bit, and then headed up to RV. the trip was smooth and we had a great time just talking to my fam (and marcy, the new cat). We had breakfast at Booga’s and headed on our way. 5 hours into the trip today and we’re in the middle of the Utah goodness. Beautiful this time of year. Anywho life is good and I think we are ever so thankful for the lives that we have. Got a one year plan now… Bring on the turkey.

The Baby Candle

So today Wes and I got the news that he didn’t get the job at TEP. That was a sad moment in our day. We both wanted it so bad, to move out of the city, and start working on our family. We were very disappointed that he didn’t get the job… but now that we had our answer, our sandy future now had somewhat of a foundation. We are able make life decisions, and that is a great feeling! So when I got home from work we sat down and made some goals for the next year. We made some great goals individually and as a couple. With the recent events of learning that we need to have children sooner than later, that was one of the topics/goals that was discussed. It is a very scary, stressful, and amazing topic to discuss, espically because we have only been married for almost 6 months now. As we started to discuss this topic of when to start trying to start our family Wes got quiet and let me do most of the talking. He is very fidgety at times, and extremely fidgety at this moment. As the conversation went on he started to pick at the candle we have on our dining room table. The more we discussed, the more he picked at it, eventually ending up with one side broken down, and all the little pieces inside. It is now the “baby candle”, and I am sure he will continue this process until the candle is pretty much gone, and maybe even start on another one:) Although this is a stressful time as we plan to start our family, we are very excited to have a solid future, for at least another year… And then who knows…


Wilderness Survival pt.2

Woke up like 3 feet from where I fell asleep, and without a migraine. In the middle of the night one of our scouts thought he was trapped in his sleeping bag. He went nuts, screaming for help. The next 5-6 hours was filled with trainings and techniques for the scouts to learn. We hiked back to the burb and the Tahoe and headed home. It was a totally different experience that I had anticipated. I am glad that my outlook on things is changing, but I still see my old self alot.