Remote Computer Control with Google Chrome

There are times that you need to show someone how to do something on the computer.  It always isn’t the shortest drive to that computer, so one may look for an option of remote access.  While there are many options available, Google Chrome now has an App that integrates with it’s browser to provide that functionality as well.  You will obviously need Google Chrome, but once you have that downloaded and installed download the Chrome Remote Desktop App.  After getting it installed on your and the remote computer, all you need to do is get the remote access number from other computer and connect.

Source: Lifehacker

Enabling Remote Desktop…Remotely

I was a trip away from a computer that I needed to work on, so being the lazy bum that I am I figured out how to enable the Remote Desktop Protocl (RDP) remotely. It envoles an optional step of adding a user to the local computer management. It is useful if you need to add Administrator access to a specific user on that computer.

Here’s the dealio:

Add users to local computer groups remotely:

– Launch MMC (Microsoft Management Console)
– Add Snapin – Computer Management (for the remote machine)
– Under System Management -> Local User and Groups -> Groups (add users as needed to specific groups)

Enabling RDP remotely:

– Launch regedt32.exe (can’t use regedit.exe for remote registries)
– Connect to the remote Computer’s Registry
– KEY: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlTerminalServerDATA: fDenyTSConnectionsVALUE: 0 = enable Remote Desktop / 1 = disabled

It works like magic, and saves you much time and trips to those pesky remote PCs. This application is mainly for someone on a LAN or through a VPN connection. If you are trying to do this over the regular internets you will have issues.