WiFi Reliant Cellular? – Republic Wireless


A new beta has been opened called Republic Wireless. The concept is that most people are around WiFi roughly 60% of the time, and Republic Wireless wants to leverage that by being a hybrid cellular/VoIP phone system. They have an algorithm that determines if you fit within their limits of use while on a cellular network. The hook, $19/month + tax with no commitment. The first phone, the LG Optimus, is an Android-based Gingerbread phone, that will handle the switching between cellular and WiFi. I am not certain if it can hand a call of on-the-fly from WiFi to cellular, but that would be a big hang up for me if it was unable to do so. The phone and first month are $199 + tax, so I want to know what everyone else thinks..

UPDATED: Fun iPhone Keyboard/Accessibility/Sounds Tweaks

Firstly, sorry for the very long post, but I wanted to have all the images included so it would be very easy to follow along on your phone while making these changes. With that said..

With the upgrade to iOS 5 on your phone there are a few, fun additions to the keyboard, sounds, and virbation notifications that really allow you to personalize your iPhone. (Yes, it is something that Android has had available for a while and I’m sure you could have done it with a Jailbroken iPhone, but now it is officially supported. Here are a few tutorials to add some fun customization to your phone.

Reply to a message from a locked iPhone screen.

1 – While your phone is locked, and you receive a notification of a new text message tap on the green Messages icon. It will allow you to slide to the right to reply to the message sent to you. It is a tidbit, but a neat add I think.

Add the Emoji Keyboard to your phone so you can have the cute smiley faces and icons.

1 – Open Settings.

2 – Tap the General menu option.

3 – Tap the Keyboard menu option.

4 – Tap the International Keyboards menu option.

5 – Tap the Add New Keyboard… menu option.

6 – Tap the Emoji menu option.

7 – From the Messages or Mail App tap the Globe icon near the space bar.

8 – Enjoy all the cute icons that other iPhone users will be able to see in your messages.

Add custom vibrations to your phone.

1 – Open Settings.

2 – Tap the General menu option.

3 – Tap the Accessiblity menu option.

4 – Turn on the Custom Vibrations option.

5 – Return back to the General Settings and tap the Sounds menu option.

6 – Scroll to the bottom and tap the Vibration menu option.

7 – Either choose a pre-packaged custom vibration (I use heartbeat), or tap the Create New Vibration menu option.

8 – Tap the screen and create your own custom vibration notification, and tap Save. Then return to the Vibration menu option and select your new vibration.

Add custom shortcuts (commonly called a text expander) to your iPhone.

1 – Open Settings.

2 – Tap the General menu option.

3 – Tap the Keyboard menu option.

4 – Scroll down and tap the Add New Shortcut… menu option.

5 – Enter the phrase you’d like to be expanded, and then add the shortcut you’d like to type. Return to the Message or Mail App and type your shortcut in and a space and see your shortcut filled in. Handy if you constantly need your address, email, anything long or hard to type inputted into a message or text.

Customize the notification tones on your iPhone.

1 – Open Settings.

2 – Tap the General menu option.

3 – Tap the Sounds menu option.

4 – Tap the Notification menu option that you’d like to change. Custom sounds can be added the same as a custom ringtone, but must be under 15 seconds in order to show up in the menu to be a custom tone. I use iRingtones (Mac OS X Application) to create my custom ringtones. It worked like a champ to get my Sonic the Hedgehog, Zelda, Mario Brothers, and Call of Cuty: Black Ops sound effects onto my iPhone.

Remote Computer Control with Google Chrome

There are times that you need to show someone how to do something on the computer.  It always isn’t the shortest drive to that computer, so one may look for an option of remote access.  While there are many options available, Google Chrome now has an App that integrates with it’s browser to provide that functionality as well.  You will obviously need Google Chrome, but once you have that downloaded and installed download the Chrome Remote Desktop App.  After getting it installed on your and the remote computer, all you need to do is get the remote access number from other computer and connect.

Source: Lifehacker

Frontier Voicemail Email Forward

Frontier Communications

Frontier Communications has updated their voicemail system to allow for many features that I didn’t know were available until recently. (Thanks Kellie) You have the ability to login to a webpage that will let you listen, delete, and manage your voicemail. (Frontier Messaging)  The feature that I really like is the ability to forward voicemails to your email inbox.  I have had this feature turned on for a few days, and I really like it.  I have such a hard time checking my voicemail on my landline.  I think this will be the solution to helping me not have 10+ voicemails that I have not been able to respond to.

To turn this feature on:

1 – Log on to https://webmail.frontiermessaging.com with your phone number with area code as the username, and your voicemail pin is the password.

2 – Click Settings on the top right of the menu.

3 – Click Messaging in the sub-navigation menu.

4 – Under Voicemail Auto Forwarding, check the box that says “Auto-forward all voicemail messages as emails to:”

5 – Enter the email address under that you’d like to receive your voicemail on.

6 – Click Apply.

You are all set.  Your voicemail will appear with the number that called you if the Caller ID is available.  The attachment will be a .wav file that is playable on most smart phones.

My iPhone plays them back just fine, but one caveat is that the voicemail is seen as a music file by your smartphone so the voicemail will begin to play through its speaker.  If you are worried about the contents of the voicemail I would recommend wearing headphones, or remove yourself from earshot before clicking on the message.wav file attached to the email.  It is not quite as nice as Google Voice, but a huge step in the right direction.

Happy Birthday Mitch

A friend of mine, Mitch, was working the Wallow Fire with one of the Helicopter crews. He has his birthday while he was in Alpine so we decided to run up and see him. It rained on us, but Mitch showed Rustyn the helicopter they use. Rustyn loved Helicopters before sitting in one, but know he might be slightly obsessed. He has definitely had lots of opportunities to see them this summer.  The other guys in the crew even gave Rustyn a couple cookies to eat!

Last WALLOW UPDATE | 27 June 2011 @ 0639

Ladies, gentlemen, friends, family, and new acquaintances. It has been a great experience being able to interact with each and everyone one of you in the past three weeks. I never anticipated being involved the way I was with the Wallow Fire. I cannot say I had any major part in the fire as the individuals that truly need your support, encouragement, and love are still containing the fire as I type this from my air conditioned office. Thank you for making http://wallow.us something special and informational to all those seeking information during this experience and hardship for some. You truly have helped me understand how much this little valley and surrounding area meaning to so many people.

Through out this experience in the last few weeks I’ve had a common idea stick into my mind.  The idea of “community”.  It was the only way that I could properly describe what I was thinking and feeling.  Once things began to settle down I was asked to speak on what I had experienced through the Dance Festival and the Wallow Fire.  I have filled in many of the gaps from where I spoke, this was originally only an outline.  I hope that it has some semblance of meaning.

Definition of COMMUNITY

1 a unified body of individuals: as

a : state, commonwealth

b : the people with common interests living in a particular area; broadly : the area itself <the problems of a large community>

c : an interacting population of various kinds of individuals (as species) in a common location

d : a group of people with a common characteristic or interest living together within a larger society <a community of retired persons>

e : a group linked by a common policy

f : a body of persons or nations having a common history or common social, economic, and political interests <the international community>

g : a body of persons of common and especially professional interests scattered through a larger society <the academic community>

2 society at large

3 joint ownership or participation <community of goods>

b : common character : likeness <community of interests>

c : social activity : fellowship

d : a social state or condition


These communities that we live and participate in shape who we are.  We are part of many communities in our lives.  We belong to the Round Valley community, the Denver Broncos community, or any other group where we share common policy, belief, or desire.


William S. Evans | June 1990 Ensign | News of the Church

Q: Why is it so important that Latter-day Saints be involved in their communities?

A: Lives are blessed when Latter-day Saints are involved in their communities. The Savior is our best role model in showing how this is done. Jesus gave freely and frequently to those outside “the household of faith.” He extended his personal caring to the despised, the outcast, and the nonbeliever.

The First Presidency has encouraged us as citizens to involve ourselves in solving problems that face our communities, even if these problems are particularly challenging. They have likewise encouraged us to join with others not of our faith in solving problems that call for cooperative action.

Latter-day Saints can be extraordinarily effective at solving problems, but too often their efforts have been directed solely toward Church members. As members “let their lights shine” (see Matt. 5:16) more brightly through thoughtful community involvement, more people will come to see our good works and glorify our Father in Heaven.

We all are given a field to harvest, our own little portion of the world’s community.  Whether it is a bishop serving his ward, a missionary laboring in various communities in his mission, or any one of you performing your particular calling, home or visiting teaching, or any kind of service.



Dance Festival

–       Smoke and Air Quality potentially affecting spirits and emotions as well as physical health of those participating.

–       A fast for all those participating to allow everything to run appropriately, the fire to be contained, and for everyone to be healthy despite the environmental conditions.

–       Faith of parents for allowing their children to continue to participate despite the danger.

–       Faith of the participants for being part of such an amazing experience in spite of obstacles.

–       Article in Church News


Wallow Fire

–       Sgt. Stein – US Marine Meteorologist who provided valuable forecasting data to all those who read.  He provided much peace of mind and straightforward answers to those who needed to know.

–       Ed & Laurie – Overlaid the IR mosaic data with Google Maps to provide graphical representation of actual fire lines.  This also provided much needed peace of mind and information to those seeking answers.

–       Random People and Companies wanting to help in any way possible.

–       Comments section of the website helping each other to find answers to questions when I couldn’t read the emails fast enough.  Those people in the comments section provided me with sanity when the site’s traffic overtook my personal ability and time to manage all incoming requests.

–       Between June 6th and June 26th, 2011 http://wallow.us received 242,557 page views by 121,689 different visitors in 71 countries on 6 different continents.


We should each strive to utilize the talents that we have been given.  The scriptures teach us not to hide away the talents that we have been given.  Christ teaches in the book of Matthew that those willing to use the talents given to them will be told

“Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.”

When we use our talents in a way that is pleasing in the Lord’s eyes he will bless us with more talents to use.  This cyclical process can enrich our lives with abilities and talents, enabling us to be more precise and powerful tools in the hands of the Lord.



1. Merriam-Webster

2. lds.org

I leave you with these thoughts, as well as an updated Progression Map of the fire. I will make available any information that might come forward in the near future as Area Command Team 4 works to complete the containment of the Wallow Fire. I encourage you to follow them on Twitter (@AreaComTeam4), they have been providing great information in the few days they have been in charge.  I can only hope to learn and grow from this experience, and as I return to my life I encourage you to do the same.  I only hope that we are able to learn many things from this experience, and make proper modifications to our own lives and communities that will benefit everyone.



Wallow Fire Links (Widget)


702 308 3357 – Fire Info. Hotline

928 337 4321 – To report your Evacuation


Wesley McBride | Me

W.M. Joint Information System (593)

Round Valley Schools

Apache County Emergency Management

White Mountain Independant


| Me

@593info | W.M. Joint Information (593)

@AzEIN | AZ Emergency Info Network

@AZ_NF | Apache Sitgreaves NF

@NEC_LakesideAZ | Navopache


wallow.us | Here

W.M. Joint Information (593)



ADOT 511 Road Conditions

Google Earth Fire Maps

AZ Fire Info Weather

Gleenwood Gazette Online

iTalk106.7 Radio | 24 Hour Fire News

NASA Wallow Imagery

AZ Emergency Info. Network

After the Fire is Out

AZ Div. of Emergency Management


Particulate Data | Springerville

Wallow Update | 21 June 11 PM

Evacuation was lifted for Luna, N.M. residents last night.

US 180 is now open in its entirety.

Size:  529,825 acres total

Percent Contained: 61%



This morning, a helicopter equipped with an infrared heat detection device flew along the perimeter of the fire on the southwest flank and no new significant heat was detected. Crews continue to patrol, mop-up and repair containment lines by placing water bars across lines built on steep slopes and pulling woody material back over established lines. The spot fire on the west side of US Highway 191 was suppressed and mopped-up. Air reconnaissance and patrol will continue over the zone.


The fire is still active in the south with occasional torching. Operations along the Blue River went well today. The strategy remains to keep the fire east of US 191 and west of the Blue River and FR 281. Firefighters are working to bring the fire to the bottom of the Blue River drainage by burning out and allowing the fire to back downhill while keeping the containment line secure and providing structure protection. The fire has reached the west side of FR 281 across from Blue Camp.

Firefighters are working to build indirect containment line connecting US 191 to the Blue River on the south flank. This activity was supported by large air tankers, military air tankers out of Kirtland Air Force Base and helicopters.


Crews are building containment line to the west from US 191 to Stray Horse administrative site, and have completed construction of control lines on the south end of the fire between McBride Canyon and US 191.  Burnout operations have begun north of this line and will continue as conditions allow.

Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) Team members will continue working in the fire area today evaluating damage and beginning the planning process for mitigation. They will be evaluating soil and vegetation impacts. To learn more about BAER Teams, go to these sites: http://tinyurl.com/6xd42mfhttp://tinyurl.com/5v9p2h5.


Power remains out in Hannagan Meadow and portions of the area north of the Blue River.

The weather Thursday will be sunny, with a high near 89, and light wind becoming west between 18 and 21 mph. Winds could gust as high as 29 mph. Probability of ignition from spot fires is 100%.


The National Weather Service on potential flooding: The Wallow Fire burned vast portions of the White Mountains including areas of steep terrain which will make numerous locations vulnerable to flash floods and debris flows even in moderate intensity (10 – 15 minutes) rains.  Some area streams and rivers are likely to see flows beyond anything seen in decades if typical or above average rains occur. This summer, all residents near streams, rivers, or steep burned hillsides should be alert to flooding and debris flows. Residents should be aware that area roadways may become impassible due to mud, rock and debris slides or due to streams and washes overwhelming existing culverts and bridges.


Public Safety: Smoke from the ongoing wildfires in AZ will continue to impact residents in the Wallow Fire area including southwestern N.M. For more information, link to the smoke outlook for the most recent forecast posted at: http://smoke.airfire.org/sw-outlookhttp://smoke.airfire.org/sw-outlook/maphttp://smoke.airfire.org/sw-monitoring.

  • A Crisis Intervention Line (928) 333-2683 is available for residents suffering from the stress of living with fire danger.
  • An Individual Assistance Service Center (IASC) is open daily 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at the Round Valley Public Library, 179 S Main,  Eagar for all evacuated Arizonans to access information to assist in their personal recovery from the fire.
  • For more safety information see:  http://tinyurl.com/6zvcrck.
  • Apache County and local Fire Departments have begun identifying locations for staging of sandbags in anticipation of the monsoon season. More information will be provided as locations are confirmed.

Current Evacuations:

  • Evacuations remain in effect in areas north of the Blue River, AZ.

Evacuee Information:

  • Evacuees from areas north of the Blue River may pick up their mail at the Alpine Post Office.  

Pre-Evacuation Alert:

  • A pre-evacuation alert continues in Apache County for Greens Peak, Hidden Meadows Lodge and surrounding areas.
  • Residents in these communities are asked to remain prepared for evacuation.

Road Closures according to Arizona Department of Transportation: http://www.azdot.gov

  • US 191 is closed between Alpine and north of Clifton (milepost 176-253).
  • SR 261 (mileposts 395-413) and SR 273 (mileposts 383-394), main roads to Big Lake & Crescent Lake are closed.

Closures and Restrictions:

  • San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation: Fire Restrictions and area closures remain in effect.
  • Apache – Sitgreaves National Forest: The Springerville, Alpine, Clifton and Lakeside Ranger Districts of the Forest remain under a forest closure until further notice. A closure order is in effect for portions of the Sitgreaves side of the National Forest. Contact the Arizona fire restrictions hotline for information at (877) 864-6985 or www.publiclands.org/firenews/AZ.php.
  • Gila National Forest: A closure is in effect for the western portion of the Gila National Forest.  Call (575) 388-8201, TTY (575) 388-8497 or see http://www.fs.usda.gov/gila.
  • Fort Apache Indian Reservation: Partial area closures are in effect for the eastside of the Fort Apache Indian Reservation. Seehttp://www.wmat.nsn.us/.

Public Information: The public may call the following numbers for area specific fire information:

  • Fire information in Spanish: (877) 632-6678.
  • Call Center: (928) 333-3412, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
  • Luna and Reserve, N.M., Alpine, AZ:  (575) 533-6928.
  • North and west sides of the fire, including Fort Apache Indian Reservation: (877) 701-8201 Hours: 8AM to 8PM . Cellular One phone service:(928) 205-9884.
  • South between the Black River and US 191, including the San Carlos Indian Reservation:

(541) 670-0812.