Let it snow!!! (Forgot to post it)

There has been all this hype of the worst storm in 30 years in Arizona. There were 3 storms that came through and we are in the middle of the third one now. It was predicted upwards of 5 feet of snow from this storm. I think in some parts on northern Arizona have seen this amount of snow! As of today they are evacuating Greer because even the snow plows are getting stuck. Navaho and Apache Countys have declared stated of emergecy becasue of these storms. We were planning on going to the Valley this weekend to see Jenn before she left on her mission, and so Wes could do some work, it doesn’t look like we are going to make that trip. Good luck to Jenn, and you will do great!! Just don’t freeze up in Alaska.

In the middle of this storm we decided to have a little fun with Rustyn. He has never been in the snow so we put his snow pants on, with his cowboy boots cause he doesn’t have any snow boots… and a coat and put him in the snow. He didn’t seem to mind one way or the other.

Halloween Fun!

I saw some really cute pictures of a baby in a pumpkin and I thought we could totally do that with Rustyn. Wes though I was going crazy and wasn’t to excited about the idea. When we went over to Dickie and Merr’s last night for dinner we decided to carve pumpkins after dinner. I got the pumpkin ready for Rustyn and Wes set it up to take pictures. We didn’t know how Rustyn was going to deal with the slimy insides of the pumpkin, but to our amazement he was totally fine with it. He was such a trooper to let us do this to him, and I have to say the pictures turned out pretty dang cute!!


4 Months Now!!

This month has been a big one for Rustyn. He started eating real food and he is now rolling over. He is growing up so fast. I was going through all of the pictures that we have taken from when he was born and he has changed so much, he is getting so big.

We decided kind of a last minute thing last Sunday to go up and get family pictures cause the leaves on the trees were so pretty and we knew if we waited any longer all of the pretty fall colors would be gone. So after church we all headed up toward Big Lake and found a nice place to take family pictures. On the way up we saw several elk and Wes got a couple pictures of them. I think I should get the mom of the year award… So here we are probably 30 minutes from town and we are just hanging out in the middle of nowhere and Rustyn gets hungry… Which is expected right?! Well I go to fix his bottle and guess what… Yep I for got his bottle. I have the formula all measured out in zip lock baggies and everything… just no bottle to put it in. Well I couldn’t hold off any more, he needed to eat! So I just put some water in the zip lock baggie and bit a little hole in the end of it and hoped it would work… Thankfully he caught on and just sucked the corner of the baggie and at it all. Yikes!!! I can’t believe I forgot a bottle! It all turned out good though. I think we got some good pictures too. The sunset was amazing as well. As Wes posted just before this we got a flat tire on the way home… Thanks to Earl and Jennifer for helping us get it changed and get home.

One month has come and gone!

I wanted to update everyone on Rustyn’s progress over the last month. Sorry there are no pictures, I will post some soon.

On the 16th Rustyn had his one month check up, I can’t believe it has already been a month! Yikes! If this is how fast life goes with a child, I’m in trouble. He is now 11 lbs and 24 inches long! He is growing so fast and he is getting really chunky 🙂 He has now grown out of all his newborn clothes and is now able to track objects that catch his eye, most of the time his hands. He is a lot more alert and turns his head looking for us when mom and dad talk. That is really cool when I am out somewhere and he is getting a little worked up and I talk and he calms down. He is sleeping very well at night, giving me at least 4 hours of sleep at a time. Last night was an exception, he slept for almost 6 hours!!! Man did I feel good this morning with almost 6 hours of straight sleep! He is staying up more during the day and I think that is contributing to his good sleep habbits at night. All in all this month has been great!

We are headed to the St. Johns rodeo today and then to our little jackpot tonight. This is going to be a long day, but hopefully it will be very fun. Then this weekend we are headed to the valley to see some good friends and have a great time, if the heat doesn’t kill me first!!

Pictures of Rustyn at one month and of the rodeos and the valley will come early next week.

4th of July

The 4th of July weekend is always fun, a little different now that I don’t go back home to Meeker every year. Here in Eagar it is a blast too. To start the weekend off my parents came up to visit with Ali and Maggi. This was Papa’s first time meeting his newest grandson, Rustyn. They met us out at the rodeo grounds where we were watching Merr and Dickie compete. Clancey and Wes thought it would be fun if they entered Merr in the barrels, and Dickie was entered in the team roping. (Videos of Merr & Dickie) What a fun time to watch them doing what they love and seeing them do so well!!! After the rodeo we went and got some lunch with my parents and hung out the rest of the day. The 4thstarted off with the parade, the rodeo club had a float and Wes and I got to drive the truck with Rustyn. The club ended up getting second place overall in the parade. Ali and Maggi were able to get on the float as we passed and they had a ball! That evening we went to the park to watch fireworks and have a birthday party for Dickie. It was a really enjoyable evening letting the kids play in the park and eat hot dogs and just be in good company. To end the weekend we were able to bless Rustyn in church. Was a great experience that was. Our ward has an amazing 4th of July program they do every year and it always brings emotions to the surface, it helps remember that we do live in a free country and to remember those who are fighting to keep it free. As Bishop announced the baby blessings for the day, he didn’t announce Rustyn. He forgot!!! So after the last one Wes just went up and said “do we have time for one more?” The look on Bishops face was great as he remembered that we did talk to him about it a week earlier. In the end Rustyn was blessed and the day was wonderful! My parents headed up to Greens Peak later that afternoon to camp with Dave and Bleva.

All in all it was an amazing weekend! Thanks to all who were able to come and support us at the blessing of our little baby!!

Round Valley Rodeo Club Extravaganza Float:

Eagar 3rd Ward Float:

Lemon or Lime Cheesecake


3 Cups of Graham Cracker Crumbs

2/3 Cup Sugar

12 TBLS Melted Butter


6 oz. Lemon or Lime Jello

2 Cups Boiling water

3 x 8 oz. Packages of Cream Cheese

1/2 Cup Sugar

2 TBLS Lemon or Lime Juice

1 Regular Sized Cool Whip Tub


1 – dissolve Jello with Boiling Water. Set aside until slighting thickened

2 – Combine Graham Cracker Crumbs, Sugar, and Butter

3 – Set aside 1/3 Cup for cake topping.

4 – Press mixture into bottom of 9×13 cake pan.

5 – Beat Cream Cheese, Lemon or Lime Juice, and Sugar Together.

6 – Beat in slightly thickened Jello Gellitan.

7 – Fold in Cool Whip to Mixture well.

8 – Poor into Graham Cracker Pan.

9 – Top with reserved Graham Cracker Crumbs.

10 – Refrigerate overnight.

Amanda’s Birthday!!!

So I don’t have any pictures but I thought I should make a post about my birthday.

It was a typical day, I got up at 4am to get ready for my clinical, nothing exciting happened there. We were in our post conference and it was almost over and there was a knock on the door. I was so taken back when Wes walked through the door with frosties for all of us 🙂 He used to bring all the nurses frosties at my old job at Banner Gateway in the valley and they all loved it. So he decided to keep the tradition going. I love it!! He sat in for the rest of post conference and then stole me away. He took me to a japenes restruant in Pinetop, and it was wonderful! We were the only people in the whole place, so it seemed like it was set up like that! After lunch we just came home to relax for a while. We walk in and in the middle of the living room there is a beautiful dark cherry wood rocking chair! Exactly what I wanted!!! I pretty much think I have the best husband in the whole world… We just relaxed the rest of the day and then after gymnastics people just started to show up at the house, he had also planned a surprise party for me!! I couldn’t believe it! He even made my new favorite cake that morning with Clancey. A white german choc. cake, from a recipe from my grandma! WOW!!! It seemed to never end. It was a really great day, definitely a day to remember!

Great job Wes! I love you so much!!!

UPDATE: I found some pictures on the camcorder so I uploaded them for Amanda.

Round Valley Baby Shower


I would like to thank everyone who came and made the baby shower in Round Valley special! It was a lot of fun and a lot of people were able to come. We got lots of very cute clothes for Rustyn and are excited to get his room all put together. Thanks again to everyone that came and I hope you all had as much fun as I did.

Sorry to those of you who were looking forward to another picture of my baby belly. I went through the pictures and this was the best one from our camera. I will get a better one posted soon.